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               Weekly Sabbath
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Greymouth SDA

 11 Heaphy St (One way street)            Sabbath School at 9.30

  Church Service at 11am

  The Seventh day Adventist church grew from an Awakening in the late 1700 and early 1800s in the "Advent",
  the return of Jesus. This movement began in the established churches, where Christians studied their Bibles,
  regarding end time events. This movement later developed into the Seventh Day Adventist Church,
  one of the fastest growing, Christian, Protestant Churches.The Church operates, Churches, Hospitals,
  Universities, Colleges & Schools world wide.

                       Seventh Day Adventists are Christians who believe,
                       In the Saving Grace of Jesus,(click here for a online book)
                       and that this is manifest in doing those things which God ask us to do.

  We believe that unwittingly many Bible truths have been lost to main line Christian Churches,
 and our task is to hold this truth and to share with all seekers for Gods way.                                   

                                                   Topics of interest for many people are:

Baptism by Immersion                       

Sabbath Keeping            
 (click here for a online book),

America in Bible Prophecy
(click here for a online book),

State of the Dead            
 (click here for a online book)

Mark of the Beast             
(click here for a online book)

The Sanctuary                 

                  Seventh Day Adventist Church in the South Pacific check here. 

  •         The writings of the leading Adventists writer Ellen White
  •         Adventist Review magazine online 
  •         Christ Object Lessons  Parables of Jesus Online
  •         Steps to Christ, one of the Best Books  written on, The Way of Salvation click here

  •         Bible and Archaeological evidence    online video
  •         Read the Bible online various languages click here

    Check out our web site, that looks into the issue of 7th Day Sabbath versus Sunday click here

                                                 to contact us email. pastor@sdagreymouth.org.nz                                                                     

Free online Library. Topics include: Amazing Wonders of Creation, Armageddon plus many more



Doug Bachelor studies Bible Prophecy